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MPI RELEASE has manufacturing facilities in Winchester, MA and Greenfield, IN; and all 3 silicone coating and curing technologies - Thermal (solvent and 100% solids), UV and EB. We strive to be the most customer focused, responsive and highest quality supplier of silicone release liners in North America.

MPI was founded in the 1960’s. In the 1970’s, MPI diversified it’s business by purchasing its first coating machine. MPI also formulated and produced abrasion and chemical resistant coatings for the furniture industry, and was a leader in the development of a line of patented coatings to produce permanently static-free films for use in packaging electronics. In the mid 1980’s MPI purchased it’s second coating line, 72" wide. Continuing to expand, MPI installed a third coating line, this time 82" wide, in the early 1990’s.

Soon afterwards an UV curing capability was added, greatly expanding MPI’s production capabilities and the available range and versatility of release levels and coatings.

The Greenfield, IN facility with a high speed 87” wide Polytype Thermal Coater, was acquired in 2009.