Know the MPI wide web advantage?

Nick Balbi operating one of MPI Release’s high speed slitters

There are benefits of buying from a wide web supplier, like MPI.

It is in the news: another manufacturer of pressure sensitive adhesive coated products is planning to add its largest and most productive piece of equipment yet, and to produce wide web materials.

It’s old news for MPI, for over 20 years we been able to supply our customers with release film in widths up to 82 inches, with coating chemistries cured by electronic beam and ultraviolet. And now we’ve added our 87 inches wide Polytype coater in Indiana and thermal curing chemistries.

Even though you may not need release films as wide as 87 inches, our capability enables us to complete your orders faster, be more efficient and ensure consistency and high quality.

Why is that? Because we have highly efficient and flexible automated slitting equipment that can take our wide width release film down to any size you need, rapidly and accurately.